Why is pet photography so important anyway?

How many photos do you have of your pet? 5? 10? 20?

How many of these have you got on your wall?

Before I was a photographer, my family had a beautiful Huntaway named Flin (seen pictured at right). He was a super dog who worked on our bull farm for 10 years and was loved by all of us. He had a goofy gentle giant, loved by all and loved everyone. He was always the first in line to get a treat and would happily sit on the back of the motorbike for hours – especially if there were hugs or food involved! I have fewer than 10 photos of Flin, most of which are blurry, underexposed or too small in resolution to print bigger than a 6×4. I would love a huge wall canvas of Flin for our house, but I just don’t have the photograph to do this with.


The sad thing is, this story is not uncommon. There are so many pets who are loved family members who their families don’t have a single image of them to display. By the time they realise that their beloved pet won’t live forever, it is too late. Their pets’ entire life has passed by and the owners are left with nothing but their memories. I have had pets who I don’t have a single photo of.


The few images they have of their pet sits hidden on their computer or in an album at the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again. Our pets are beautiful, and their images belong on the walls of our home for us to walk past and enjoy every single day. They deserve to be remembered in beautiful images that capture not just how they looked, but their true personalities.


Our pets images don’t belong in a dusty old album in the back of a dark cupboard, or lost somewhere on our computer hard drives. Their puppy dog eyes which melt your heart. Their goofy grin when they know they’re causing trouble. Their regal “sit” when they look so proud of themselves. These are the memories we need to capture and treasure for the rest of our lives. These are the photos we should be displaying on our walls.

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