Canine Reps Competition – The Winners!

I recently gave three lucky dog owners the chance to have a free canine photo shoot with Kelly Wolfe Photography. The winners were Monty, Izzy and BamBam.

First up was Monty. Monty is a adorable Dachshund who was very well behaved on our shoot. He may be small in stature, but his huge personality definitely makes up for it!
Here’s what his owner had to say about him – “He is a great little companion that specialises in being my shadow. He has a bark that is much bigger than he is and makes me smile every time I see him.”


Next up was Izzy! She was full of energy and was a blast to work with. She absolutely loved chasing after my squeaky duck and showing us her huge range of tricks. She was adopted from the SPCA by a fantastic family and is a great example of what awesome pets you can find at rescue organisations.
Here’s what her owner had to say about her – “She is quirky and so easy to love and always makes people smile. Whenever we are out on a walk people always come up and ask to pat her and tell us what a lovely dog she is. Whenever Izzy meets a new person she smiles and gets so excited. She just loves going out and meeting new people and doing new things!”

And last but certainly not least, BamBam! BamBam is absolutely adorable and loved posing for the camera. He had a blast showing us how fast he can run for the camera and it was obvious that he adores his family.

Here’s what his mum had to say about him – “I think Bam Bam would be a great representative because he is beautiful, fluffy, very loved and spoilt to bits as well as being quite photogenic.”

All of the dogs were very well behaved and we had a lot of fun on our shoots! Huge thank you to everyone who entered the Canine Reps competition and to the winners for being so great to work with. 🙂