Local Business Feature: Hydro Cafe

When it comes to eating out around the Waikato and New Zealand we are often limited by a lack of dog-friendly cafes. When I visited the Hydro Cafe for the first time at the beginning of the year I was really impressed to find out that not only do they offer great food, they also welcome dogs.

Hydro Cafe is located on Jellicoe Drive in Hamilton East and is open 9am-3pm Monday-Friday and from 8am on the weekends. They offer a range of cabinet and menu food as well as a large selection of drinks. I highly recommend trying the Hotcakes and their Mocha – so good!


I arranged to visit and photograph the cafe as part of a walk with the local dog walking group TronDogs. The cafe is in a really convenient location with the Waikato river walks right across the road. When the cafe staff saw us coming with all the dogs they brought out a bowl of water for all the dogs which they eagerly accepted and directed us to the special dog tie up points located around the outdoor eating area.


The cafe staff are so welcoming and loved seeing all the dogs. The food and drinks arrived quickly and it was all delicious. With a great eating area and food it made it made for a perfect spot to enjoy after our walk and talk about all things dog.


The perfect place to visit with or without dogs, and in such a convenient location by the river it is a great way to spend an afternoon. Thanks Hydro!