Session Feature: Three Dogs, Action Photos and Autumn Leaves in the Waikato

Back in June I ran a session giveaway on my Facebook page to celebrate reaching 1,000 Facebook fans. There were so many entries but these three dogs stood out. Here’s Kelly’s entry:


“I have three beautiful dogs. My first and oldest fur baby is Brody the Sibord – half siberian husky, half border collie. He started my dog crazy ways. I got him as a puppy sent up from Christchurch, with instructions that ‘dog training would be required’. What I didnt know was si-bords were renound for being naughty and difficult! He started my addiction to training, and has gained qualifications in agility, obedience, rally-o and national prizes in Paws N Music. I continued my addiction by getting Chace the border collie who is my agility and flygility star, and my newest addition is Deo the foxie cross something (perhaps Chihuahua).

The reason that I would love this amazing prize is all my dogs are amazing helping me at school and being involved in our community. Brody in particular is an outreach therapy dog, and has helped at numerous school projects including therapy with autistic students at the associated Wilson school, and that was even being handled by one of my students! He’s an amazing dog, especially considering his health issues.

Brody is allergic to a large number of things, including many environmental factors and most pre-prepaired or processed food. He has an amazingly disfunctional immune system and is constantly getting infections.
At around 4 1/2 years old Brody started having seizures. After many investigations it was diagnosed as idiopathic epilepsy, meaning seizures with no known cause. We manage these seizures without medication thank god.

Last year Brody had his most recent, and most dangerous health scare. He developed a spontaneous pneumothorax, which basically meant parts of his lung burst open and the air he was breathing was not filling up his lungs, but leaking into his chest cavity and squeezing his lungs shut. He required a stay of a week and a half in VSG and a major open chest surgery to repair the lungs.

A year after the surgery and we are still working hard to get Brodys health back on track. It’s a constant battle the poor boy, but he’s always happy and friendly and enthused about everything.

I love him to bits, and despite the $30,000+ addition to the mortgage wouldnt change him for anything.

I’d love some beautiful pics of my beautiful boy while he’s still here and happy.” – Kelly Daniel

We met up at one of my best locations and the Autumn leaves were in full effect. The photos we captured in this session are some of my favourites of all time and have been awarded a Daily Deviation on, the action shots ranked at the top of the most popular lists on 500px and were also featured on the Digital Photography School site. Here are some of the photos from their session.














Here’s what Kelly had to say about her session:

Dog in autumn leaves in Morrinsville, New Zealand

Dog in autumn leaves in Morrinsville, New Zealand

Brody crossed the rainbow bridge just weeks after our session. Despite how sick he was at the time of our session, he never complained and gave us brilliant expressions for every single shot. I think image of him running through the leaves says it all.


Rest in peace Brody.

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  • Kelly Daniel26/11/2014 - 9:36 pm

    Thanks Kelly, a few tears reading this! I’ll always cherish my beautiful photosReplyCancel