Project 52: Shooting from the Hip

The theme for this week is “Shooting from the Hip”, otherwise known as shooting blind. It’s used to get down to a dogs level for a different perspective, and I’ve seen some really neat images taken with this method.

The last time I tried this was when Flick was a puppy. I was photographing her with a point and shoot camera, trying to get a low-angle shot without lying on the ground. Anyone who’s ever had a Border Collie pup can tell you that it’s probably not a good idea – 4 month old Flicka managed to destroy the lens! Since then I haven’t tried it, and just get down on the ground with the dogs if I need to get a different angle. So this week it was fun to have another go at it, with some interesting results.

It started off a little something like this. Ted is a bit of a diva and if there’s a photo being taken then he has to be a part of it.

Beardie Farm Dogs New Zealand

Then we got some big smiles from Meg. She’s quite tricky to photograph usually as she would prefer to be cuddled up beside you on the ground than in front of a lens. Shooting from the hip – problem solved. She cuddled up to the camera instead.

Beardie Farm Dogs New Zealand

Then it was time to attempt the camera destroying collie! It started off well with some angelic expressions.

Border Collie Farm Dog in New Zealand

And then it was all a little too exciting!
Border Collie Farm dog in New ZealandBorder Collie Farm dog in New Zealand

With that it was time to put the camera away, far far out of reach of the collie. 😉

Project 52 is a global blog circle of professional pet photographers from the Beautiful Beasties group, creating images to suit a set theme each week. Next up, go check out what Bindz Photography from Brisbane, Australia have created for this weeks theme! Keep clicking your way through the links at the bottom of each post to visit all the other photographers until you get back here.