Easy Walk, 30 Minutes – Morrinsville Recreation Grounds, River Walk

Located on the edge of town, Morrinsville Recreation Grounds is a beautiful area for the dogs to explore. With lots of open fields, towering trees and lovely forest walkway (the Morrinsville River Walk – approx 1.8km one way) along a small stream, it’s a great spot to visit with dogs. Mostly flat and easy to access, there are a couple of steeper spots too. Generally a pretty easy walk, suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Beagle in the forest at the Morrinsville Recreation GroundsOn one side of the fields, there is an amazing tree-lined driveway which looks beautiful in Autumn. Be warned though – this is a driveway and is open to cars. I recommend keeping to the side and having your dog on lead in this area.

Blue Merle Chihuahua X Foxy dog running in the Autumn Leaves at the Morrinsville Recreation GroundsThere are many logs and tree roots for dogs and puppies to climb on in the forest area
Puppy on a log by the creek at the Morrinsville Recreation Grounds
One of the best features of the recreation grounds is the polo field on the western side of the area. This is an off-lead dog exercise area (when there are not events on – best to check online before heading out) flanked by beautiful trees.
Happy dogs at the Morrinsville Recreation Grounds

Lots of space to run and play!

Border Collie Dogs playing at the Morrinsville Recreation GroundsThere is even a fun stock ramp at one side of the polo field which dogs love to climb on. Always check before allowing them up there though – there are occasionally broken bottles or other hazards in the grass.
Husky X Border Collie Dog smiling for the camera at the Morrinsville Recreation Grounds
Off lead – partially.
Fenced – partially with farm style fences. There are stiles in some areas that you may need to navigate, other parts have regular gates.
Bins – at the main carpark
Carparking – lots, access via Cureton Street or Avenue South Road. Riverwalk runs from Studholme Street through to Avenue South Road.
Toilets – At the Cureton St carpark.
Water – There’s a creek, might be a tap at the Cureton St carpark from memory, but always take your own just in case.
Other – The recreation grounds also offer tennis courts, swimming pools (open in summer), picnic areas, a kids playground and a small skate bowl.
The Morrinsville main street is not dog friendly, but if you are ever in town without your dog then I recommend checking out the cafes “Loxy & Co” and “Nana’s Kitchen”, both located on the main street.